~ faq ~

Is there a price list on the web site?

No, there is not a price list, since I create totally customized guitars based on the needs of every single client.
Unlike many custom shops (which allow the client to select the characteristics of the instrument on a scroll down menu) I do not pose any restriction to the client: this makes the possibility of choice practically endless, so the price is different for every instrument.

How can I know the price of the exhibited guitars or receive a quotation about a custom model?

It is very simple: anyone who wants to know the price of the exhibited guitars can visit the “contact” page and contact me.
To receive a quotation about a custom guitar you just have to please send me the characteristics you want it to have (through the page “contacts”): in a few hours I will send you the quotation with no obligation.

Where do you ship to?
I ship worldwide; In italy I ship through express courier and the instruments is delivered in 24/48 hours.

Do you create instruments through endorsement agreement contract?

Yes, but I am very selective about it.
Since I manufacture guitars by hand it is very onerous for me to provide an instrument for free, so I accept only if the musician has a high visibility.
As an alternative, I can provide discounted instruments to guitar players who have a discrete visibility.

How can I buy one of the exhibited guitars?

If the instrument is available, you just have to pay for it and I will ship it in a few days.
I advice anyone to analyze and try the instrument with particular care once it is delivered, since if the client wants to return it, I will refund the entire amount of money after having checked the integrity of the guitar.
So please handle the guitar with care.

How can I commission a custom instrument?

Once the committee has sent me the technical characteristics I will be able to confirm if it is doable, discuss the details and provide a quotation.
I start working after receiving a deposit which is necessary to cover the initial expenses ( only 500 euros).
I accept the rest of the money only once the work is done. Then I will ship the instrument.

What are the payment methods?

I accept bank transfer or Postepay